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   Network & DATA Security

   Data and information is the most important assets of any organization. Information leakage has significant impact on existence of organizations, individuals, or governments. Therefore securing of information is not an option in today’s highly unsecure environment. It is highly difficult task to implement a security policy only by one appliance, and it is even more challenging to implement a perfectly secure environment. However risk can be eliminated or minimized by adhering best practices of the industry and following standards as ITIL ect. Managed environments contribute to productivity of the employees, and efficiency of production in addition to the information security.

We cater to the following areas..

      * Network Security Management
      * Organizational Risk Assessment
      * Security Strategy and Roadmap
      * Security policy and Procedure Development
      * Perimeter Security solutions
      * Intrusion Detection solutions
      * Unified Threat Management solutions
      * Authorization, authentication and accounting solutions
      * Anti virus/ anti spam solutions
      * Professional & Consultancy services
      * Annual Maintenance contract